How To Decorate Your Manufactured Home

Decorating your home at Leisure Living Manufactured Home Community can be fun and add to your family’s enjoyment of living here. But before you begin, it’s helpful to have a plan. We’ve owned Leisure Living Manufactured Home Community for more than 31 years, so we’ve seen fads come and go. Here’s what we’ve learned over the years to make the most of your space, whether it’s a single wide or a double wide home.

  • Simplify, simplify, simplify

We all accumulate stuff. So the first chore is to de-clutter your home. Go through all your possessions and get rid of unnecessary items. We all have treasured heirlooms we want to keep. We’re not talking about those things. We’re talking about toys, knickknacks, clothes, paperwork, books that we haven’t touched in years. Now’s the time to get rid of them. If you haven’t used it in a year and don’t envision using whatever it is within the next year, it’s time to recycle it. Consider donating unwanted items to the Goodwill Super Store, only 3.8 miles from Leisure Living Manufactured Home Community. Goodwill Super Store is located at 825 West Pipeline Road Hurst, TX 76053‎.

  • Get organized

Neatly organize the rest of possessions, so you know where they are and can use them when you need them. These spaces includes your closets, your pantry and any storage sheds. Need containers to organize your stuff? Visit the Walmart Super Center just minutes away from Leisure Living Manufactured Home Community, to purchase storage containers.

  • Fresh paint

If your home isn’t new, a fresh coat of paint can do wonders to change your home’s interior appearance.  Choose a color that will create the look and feel of spaciousness. Consider visiting Lowes’ paint department, which is just three minutes away drive time from Leisure Living Manufactured Home Community. Choosing the right color is important in mobile home decorating. To create the feel of a larger atmosphere, use light and cool colors. Paint your walls in soft tones to provide an open, airy feel. Select paint colors within the same color family. Lowes paint department personnel can help you with these decisions, as well as provide paint color samples for you to take home and see how they look inside your home. Often what looks good in the store, looks completely different in your home. And vice versa. So take your time with this decision.

  • Choose window coverings wisely

If you’re master bedroom is facing directly East and you’re not a morning person, by all means invest in window coverings that will block out the light. But in most other window applications, one wants window coverings to be light and airy, to enable natural daylight to fill your home. Increased daylight has proven to help improve our health and brain function in countless studies. It’s why malls, schools and many office buildings are employing natural daylighting techniques in construction. So choose lighter, gauzy fabrics to let natural daylight in your home.